Sue Levison

Sue Levison selected to receive BSD Staff Leadership Award

Sue Levison, graduate education administrator for Genetics, Genomics and Systems Biology and Human Genetics, has been chosen to receive the Leadership Award at the Biological Sciences Division's second annual...

Yinan Li, a graduate student at UChicago, gains understanding of gene regulation in neurons

Yinan Li, a graduate student at UChicago, wants to understand how transcription factors work through the study of C. elegans. Under Paschalis Kratsios, PhD, at the Kratsios Lab, they showed how a certain terminal selector was responsible in part for assuring a young neuron stayed on the...

Chris Schell

Christopher J. Schell, Ph.D (CEB 2015) is an Assistant Professor in the Sciences and Mathematics Division at the University of Washington, Tacoma.

Christopher Schell discusses racism and discrimination in the field as a Black scientist

Christopher Schell, an Assistant Professor of Urban Ecology at the University of Washington is quoted in the  Chicago Sun-Times on the challenges of being a field scientist while Black. Schell received his PhD from...

BSD Graduate Programs Video

Thank you to all the faculty and graduate students who helped create this video on the BSD Graduate Programs.

Ayse Tenger-Trolander develops research on monarch butterfly migration

Ayse Tenger-Trolander, graduate student in Ecology and Evolution, working with Associate Professor Marcus Kronforst (Ecology and Evolution), has been studying the differences in the migration patterns of monarch butterflies between those raised in the wild and those raised in captivity.


Ryan Duncombe works to combat Great Lakes flooding

Graduate student Ryan Duncombe, Committee on Immunology, co-wrote this article on policy to combat Great Lakes flooding in response to climate change:


Nels Elde

CMB alum Nels Elde wins MacArthur Genius Grant

When Nels Elde, Cell and Molecular Biology PhD’05, arrived at the University of Chicago in 1998, he found himself in an exciting research environment—one that combined an “incredible tradition of academics” with an amazing group of collaborators in his fellow graduate students. 

But it...

Autumn internships from myCHOICE now open including new Science and Social Justice internship

myCHOICE, our career exposure and opportunity program, has 14 part-time internships available for the fall covering a wide range of career opportunities, ranging from biotechnology analyst...

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